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My washing machine smells

If you have an odour coming from your washing machine, it is more than likely because you have a build up of grime, mould and bacteria.

Follow our simple steps to clear the odour.

Remember: Before carrying out any checks or maintenance on your machine make sure it is clear of laundry, fully drained and switched off.

Your washing machine should be able to run for years if regularly maintained.

In our 'washing machine temperatures' tips, we talked about running a 90˚ hot wash cycle regularly to stop the build up of grime and odours and more importantly bacteria that breed in your machine. Here are a few ways to check the washing machine runs to the best of it's ability.

Washing Machine Temperatures

  • What’s the right temperature for your laundry?
  • Can you really clean at 30˚?
  • Does it actually save money washing at low temperatures?