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Different types of Tumble dryers


Vented Tumble Dryers

These are the original dryers, you’ll recognise the vent (tube/hose) that is generally hung outside a window or door to get rid of the moist air. They are the very basic type, but are good at their job if you choose a decent one.

Condenser Tumble Dryers

These are found more and more these days, designed to fit into the kitchen or utility room without the need for a vent, so as you can imagine they are a lot more convenient. The main difference is that the expelled air will pass over the condenser and condense the water to a tank you can empty after each load, rather than having a hose.

Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

These work along the same lines as a condenser tumble dryer, but instead of a heating element, they have a small heat pump that provides heat to dry laundry.

These types of Tumble dryers are more energy efficient.

Tumble Dryer settings explained.

  • Iron Dry – This setting will leave your clothes slightly damp, to allow better ironing.
  • Cupboard Dry – This setting should allow you to put your clothes away without the need to hang out.
  • Extra Dry – A longer setting usually used for thick fabrics such as towels, bed sheets and duvet covers
  • Easy Care – This is used for synthetic items (polyester,etc). Usually half the load.
  • Delicates – A lighter heat designed to look after clothes of this type
  • Easy Iron – This allows you to relax the fibres in ‘already-dry’ clothing for an easier ironing experience
  • Anti – Crease – This setting is designed to stop clothes creasing.
  • Cool – Designed to take out odours in clothes, without the need to wash them. Food smells, smoke, etc.