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Got a Dishwasher Leak?


Found a dribble (or pool) of water at the foot of your dishwasher? It may be that the door is leaking (or of course simply not closed properly – so make sure you check that before charging to the phone and calling in the approved engineers!).

A couple of checks that may mean all is still well… Turn off the Dishwasher at the mains before carrying out any checks.

Door Seals

As with a washing machine, it’s important to keep the door seals grime and grease free, so we always advise you clean the seals around the door regularly.

The basic premise here is to stop any build up of food in and around the door seal. If this isn’t regularly wiped clean, the seals will wear away and cause the dishwasher to leak.

Note we are looking at the upper door seal here. If the seal around the lower door is perished, contact one of our approved engineers as it involves taking the dishwasher door off, and this is something we do not recommend you carry out yourself.

Check there isn’t anything on the seal, even trapped between dishwasher and door seal, look along the seals to see if any part has either a build up of food, or the seals have perished over time.

The seals go over the top of the door and down the sides. Check these and try closing the door and making sure it closes easily and properly. If for any reason the seals have perished, you can contact our spares department on 01268 756 276 to order new ones (they’re fairly inexpensive), or if unsure ask for one of our approved engineers for advice.

Plates, Large items, Spray arms

We’ve spoken about correctly loading a dishwasher (see use of a dishwasher). So a leak makes you sit up and notice (as opposed to just having dirty cutlery and plates) and makes you realise, using the dishwasher properly is important.

If the spray arms are blocked from spinning correctly, you may have a constant flow of water directed at the door that not only stops the cleaning process, but also gives a good chance of a leak. It may be, however that the spray arms themselves are blocked, or not turning correctly. Check these are spinning freely and are clear of any blockages, grease or grime. You need to check the little holes along the arm. If the spray arms are broken, you can order more through our spares department on 01268 756 276.

Remember when removing anything on your dishwasher, check the manufacturers instruction manual, and if unsure contact our service repair team on 01268 756 276


If after these checks you unfortunately still have a leak, contact an Appliance Force engineer on 01267 756 276 who’ll be more than happy to help.