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My Dishwasher won’t start


Before we go into the steps and checks you can do before calling one of our approved authorised dishwasher repair engineers, it’s worth just checking a couple of obvious ones (you’ll be surprised!).

Check for lights on the dishwasher

  1. Does the dishwasher need rinse aid or salt?
  2. Have any of the program buttons been pressed by mistake to pause or lock the machine?
  3. Is the door closed properly?

Those simple ones out of the way – and often blush saving when outing in a call :0) it’s time to check some other things.

If the dishwasher isn’t starting and the control panel (lights) aren’t showing anything at all, first try the main power source. Check the electrical socket by unplugging the dishwasher and trying another appliance, such as a kettle or lamp. This gives us the knowledge that if they do work, the problem is with the dishwasher. If they do not, then the socket will need checking and we advise calling out a qualified electrician to deal with this. (After, of course you have checked your switches, and fuse box).

If they do work, then we know the power is good. Try plugging the dishwasher in again, checking the switch is on for power and the dishwasher is on and the door is closed correctly. If at this point the dishwasher still isn’t working:

  1. Check the fuse in the dishwasher plug,
  2. 2. Set a program reset on the dishwasher (from the manufacturers manual) to ensure a previous program cycle isn’t still set in the dishwasher. This could have been caused by a power cut, accidently turning off the dishwasher, or a dishwasher fault.

If at this stage you are still not getting any power and the machine simply won’t start, call one of our approved engineers on 01268 756 276