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General Tumble Dryer Maintenance


Change the lint filter after each use, and make sure you empty the water reservoir on a condenser dryer.

Make sure you clean all the area around the filter, as you will always find a surprising build up after every cycle. The same applies to the hose on a vented dryer.

You will need to wipe the drum regularly with a damp cloth, as well as around the door seal and (on condenser models) wash the heat exchanger bi-monthly (or more if you use your dryer a lot).

DO NOT OPEN the door mid cycle.

You must let a tumble dryer complete its work and run through a full cycle. Checking to see if the laundry is dry by opening the door can damage the appliance, it could trip the thermostat, making the tumble dryer overheat and in some cases mean that we cannot reset the machine.
Give your tumble dryer some air.

As with the internal aspects of a tumble dryer working well by having the correct airflow running through it (overloading the dryer, blocked filters), it is imperative that the dryer itself has airflow running around it.

Faults can easily occur if your tumble dryer does not have the correct air supply around them, in some cases these faults do not present themselves immediately, so just have a look at your tumble dryer and make sure it has a good chance. If you are getting longer drying times, under efficient drying then this is generally a good sign that there is a fault with the machine – and it could be down to airflow.

Do not leave your Tumble Dryer unattended.

As with all appliances we strongly recommend you do not leave your tumble dryer unattended, as it can be a potential fire risk. We are aware there are delay timers on the machines, and that is simply down to the demand on manufacturers from the general market. But whilst all appliances are fitted with the relevant safety devices (such as thermostat overheat feature, etc.) we would always say use them whilst you are at home.

The biggest cause of fires, due to fault, would be with a tumble dryer that hasn’t been maintained correctly and for that reason only. Airflow has been impeded; because the filters aren’t cleaned and the lint (or fluff) is pushed through to the heater and it turn can burn. Please make sure you ALWAYS clean the filters. We suggest after each and every cycle – it’ll only take a minute.