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Getting the best out of your Tumble dryer

Don’t mix your laundry loads,


It’s always best to try and match the fabrics, as it will give you more efficient drying. The automatic sensor in the machine is designed to pick up the humidity levels in the laundry and stop when it is dry. By mixing the fabrics it can often lead to the sensor picking up the wrong humidity levels. This will reduce your drying time.

Don’t overfill/load the appliance

Again, if you allow for less laundry and do not compact the washing, then it allows air to flow freely and prevents creasing. This follows on with the size of the load itself, if you stuff a duvet into the machine there will be no circulation and it could cause the tumble dryer to overheat. It is good to take note of the feature settings on the machine here, as a setting like ‘easy care (which allows for the drying of items such as polyester) means that you should put in half the load amount compared to a cotton load for example. Rule of thumb, always aim for about half the amount of laundry to the size of your drum.

Don’t put soaking wet washing in your tumble dryer. Make sure it has been through a spin cycle to take out as much water as possible. The reason for this is the weight of the load, and the stress it would but on the belt and in turn the motor.

Finally, do up buttons on your duvet covers to prevent washing getting caught up inside and not drying properly. It bit like that elusive sock that always seems to disappear in your wash load!