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We've spoken about the importance of storing your food in prolonging your fridge, fridge freezers life, in our Using and maintaining your Fridge tips. Here are a few tips on where and how to store your food to keep it fresher and make the best use of the manufacturers guidelines.


As we always say to our regular clients, we'd prefer to advise and allow you to buy and replace a part rather than having to call out one of our approved engineers. That said, our prices are very reasonable, as you can see on our website, and sometime you just want the peace of mind. To have one of our approved engineers visit your home to service, repair or simply fit a part call 01267 756 276. In the meantime, here are a few basics...

Using and maintaining your Fridge/Fridge Freezer


As with all electrical appliances we recommend you read the manufacturers handbook to make sure you are running your fridge or fridge freezer correctly.

There are a few basics to make sure your fridge or fridge freezer will last for many years, without needing to replace it. Especially in the knowledge that these appliances are designed to deal with the day to day rigours of kitchen life, and are fundamentally seen as one of the most reliable of all domestic appliances.