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191WT46E101GBLIMNo heat
This is the most common report we have when servicing a tumble dryer. Check if there is a button on the back on the machine to reset it before giving us a call. If not, then we would need to look at any blockages (with lint/fluff), the heater may be faulty, thermostat may be faulty, or have tripped.

Drum not turning

This will stop the dryer drying effectively. It’s fairly common, and usually easily fixed. We may have to replace a faulty belt or in other cases, look at the motor, motor capacitor or the jockey wheels.

Not starting

Whilst not a common problem, you may have a faulty door switch, or the machine isn’t vented properly.

Noisy Machine

This is usually caused by faulty bearings, jockey wheels or worn felt pads. We find if people have their washing machine and tumble dryer stacked, then the vibration can cause damage to one or both appliances.

Water leaks.

This can be a simple as the water tank (in a condenser tumble dryer) has not been emptied, or not placed back into the housing correctly.

Bad smells/Odour

This is often caused by a build up of lint/fluff. You may find a bend in the vent hose or the filters haven’t been cleaned properly.

If you experience any faults please contact one of our approved Appliance Force engineers on 01267 756 276 who’ll be more than happy to help.

Change the lint filter after each use, and make sure you empty the water reservoir on a condenser dryer.

Make sure you clean all the area around the filter, as you will always find a surprising build up after every cycle. The same applies to the hose on a vented dryer.

You will need to wipe the drum regularly with a damp cloth, as well as around the door seal and (on condenser models) wash the heat exchanger bi-monthly (or more if you use your dryer a lot).

Don’t mix your laundry loads,


It’s always best to try and match the fabrics, as it will give you more efficient drying. The automatic sensor in the machine is designed to pick up the humidity levels in the laundry and stop when it is dry. By mixing the fabrics it can often lead to the sensor picking up the wrong humidity levels. This will reduce your drying time.


Vented Tumble Dryers

These are the original dryers, you’ll recognise the vent (tube/hose) that is generally hung outside a window or door to get rid of the moist air. They are the very basic type, but are good at their job if you choose a decent one.