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Maintaining your Washing Machine

Your washing machine should be able to run for years if regularly maintained.

In our 'washing machine temperatures' tips, we talked about running a 90˚ hot wash cycle regularly to stop the build up of grime and odours and more importantly bacteria that breed in your machine. Here are a few ways to check the washing machine runs to the best of it's ability.


1. Run a 90˚ wash

As we said, run a service wash at high 90˚ temperature and pop some citric acid through with the wash. We sell it at our parts department (a lovely lemony smell too).

2. Leave the Door open

Leaving the door open after a service wash, and/or washes is a simple way to preserve the life of your machine. Allowing air to circulate through both the machine and the detergent drawer will help prevent mould and bacteria developing

3. Clean the Seal, filter and Detergent Drawer

Check the seal around the door and all the nooks and crannies. Give it a regular wipe after each wash and it will stop grime, mould and bacteria build up. The same goes for the detergent drawer and lint filter (your washing machine instructions book will have the correct way to clean the filters and drawers to avoid any breakage).